Let's shine some light on the status quo of soccer development in the stereotypical youth soccer club.


I have spent over 35 years playing & coaching in a system which seems to pay very little attention to the future stars of our game.


Many young players suffer from a poor introduction to soccer. As a result...


...staggering percentages drop out of the game completely before they reach their high school years.

Becoming a Winner

by Erik Imler It is the job of a coach to create a proper training environment. While technique needs to be Priority #1 at the youngest ages (U9-U14), I am a strong believer that we (as

The Consequence Game

by Erik Imler For the second year in a row, I have returned to Louisville, KY to take part in a college identification camp. The 3 day event is a fantastic opportunity for young players

To Drill or Not to Drill

by Erik Imler Since the end of the Spring 2016 season, I have been re-tooling my U9/U10 program in the search to better educate our young players and newer coaches. One of my more recent

Laying the Foundation

by Nick Levett - Player Development Project www.playerdevelopmentproject.com NICK LEVETT, TALENT ID MANAGER AT THE FA DISCUSSES THE VOID IN FOOTBALL THAT LEAVES FOUNDATION PHASE (AGE


by Erik Imler Quandary  - a situation or circumstance that presents problems difficult to solve;predicament; dilemma Every spring, most youth soccer clubs across the country hold a


by Erik Imler Now that the Spring season has come to a close and the madness of year-end try-outs has ended (nearly), I have taken some time to look back on the past year (Fall and